Polka Dots Print Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape 48mm x 50m 60gsm


- Recyclable
- Biodegradable
- Eco Friendly


Our Polka Dots Print Kraft Tape is a fantastic alternative to regular plastic tapes often found on the high street. Easily recyclable across the UK alongside cardboard, you can use this tape safe in the knowledge that it will be recycled into something new and avoid landfill.


An extremely diverse product, you can use our Kraft Tape just about anywhere. Whether you want to wrap up presents for Christmas, make parcels more appealing, temporarily fix items, seal envelopes or even scrap booking, the stunning  design blends in beautifully no matter what use you find for it.

Manufactured in the UK from recyclable tape

Adheres quickly to all surfaces

100% Recycled

Polka Dots Print Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape