Organic cotton percale outer with pure plant fibres of half organic cotton and half kapok filling.


This is a fluffy and silky feeling duvet similar in its feel to feathers (Kapok is a light-weight, hollow fibre often referred to as 'plant down'). Great for people who want the luxurious feel of down without using animal feather/fibre materials.


Kapok contains naturally occurring bitter-compounds in its fibres which make this material unattractive to dust mites and other creepy crawlies. Kapok fibres are naturally coated with a type of wax which means they retain no moisture therefore helping your duvet to stay dry.


The Kapok tree grows wild in tropical forests without the need for any pesticides. They are vital for the local economies which is why they are not felled and hence help with preserving tropical forests.


100% plant fibres = 100% vegan friendly


The duvet features a 'mummy-style' quilting pattern (wider at the top and narrowing at the feet) which gives the duvet more drape so it can better 'envelop' the sleeper and keep out draughts. Duvets are also equipped with cotton ties on the corners which allow them to be combined with other duvets for extra weight and warmth.


The quilting design may vary.


This is a mid-weight, mid-warmth duvet suitable for most of the year. Great for people who like a plant-fibre duvet with good volume and drape.


Mix is: 50% natural kapok / 50% organic cotton

Organic Cotton/Kapok All Year Duvet

  • approx 8-9 togs

    approx. 500 gsm


    Please note that duvets are cut generously as there will be an initial shrinkage after the first few weeks of use. (This is due to the heat and moisture generated during sleep which will make the duvet contract slightly.)