Super fine organic cotton batiste cover filled with luxurious natural wild silk. Silk is often the material of choice for people who suffer from sensitivities and allergies. It is similar in its make-up to human skin and is said to have healing qualities.


The silk used in this duvet is wild silk meaning it is harvested after the silkworm/moth has left the cocoon. The texture is more irregular than conventional fine silk making this an excellent filling material.


Silk is very temperature and moisture balancing and particularly effective at cooling when temperatures are high which is why silkworms protect themselves from the humid, tropical climate of Asia by wrapping themselves in silk threads.


The duvet feels light and soft and snugly and is recommended for people who are very sensitive to their environment.


We have two weights (extra light, all-year) to choose from.


The duvet features a 'mummy-style' quilting pattern (wider at the top and narrowing at the feet) which gives the duvet more drape so it can better 'envelop' the sleeper and keep out draughts.

Duvets are also equipped with cotton ties on the corners which allow them to be combined with other duvets for extra weight and warmth.


The quilting design may vary.

Organic Cotton and Silk All Year Duvet

  • Approx 8-10 togs

    Approx. 400gsm


    Please note that duvets are cut generously as there will be an initial shrinkage after the first few weeks of use. (This is due to the heat and moisture generated during sleep which will make the duvet contract slightly.)