When The London Ethical was founded, getting our packaging right was at the top of our to-do list. We understand that packaging is part and parcel of online deliveries so we pledged to do our best to make ours as eco friendly as possible. 


In the process of sourcing the most eco-responsible options, we came to realise the true scale that the impact of plastic is having on the world around us.


Did you know…?

Plastic outnumbers sea life by six to one

There is more plastic in the oceans than wildlife. In fact, plastic outnumbers sea life by six pieces for every one animal. Furthermore 90% of the pollution floating in the ocean is plastic which accounts for 46,000 pieces of plastic in every single square mile.

50% of plastic is used only once

Incredibly, half of the plastic that is destroying the ecosystem is created for single use. This could include plastic bottles, coffee cup lids and food packaging. With such a throwaway culture, only 5% of plastic is recovered from what is produced.

Only one-third of UK plastic packaging is recycled

Despite being more eco-aware, consumers in the UK still only recycle one-third of their plastic packaging. Two-thirds of plastic packaging is taken to landfill while a small proportion is incinerated. With this in mind less than half of the plastic goods that are recyclable are actually recycled. Much of this wastage comes down to a lack of recycling provisions and not being sure whether a product can be recovered or not.

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With all this in mind, we realised recyclable packaging was just not good enough so we decided to go plastic free with our postal packaging. We also wanted to make sure that we would be contributing to good causes so we teamed up with RAJAPACK, who run a foundation supporting women around the world. Every time you order from us, you’ll also be making a contribution to both women and the environment.


You can read a little more about their work here.



How do we pack your orders?

All London Ethical Label products are shipped directly and are packed in the following way


Boxes and Tape


Our postal boxes are 100% recyclable and on average they are made from a minimum of 75% recycled fibres, often more. The custom printed paper tape was designed by us to make your delivery not only beautiful but environmentally friendly too. Packing tape is an often overlooked component of packaging that makes all the difference. There’s no need to remove the tape before popping the box in the recycling as it’s fully recyclable as well.


Jiffy Bags


We try to use as little packaging material as possible, so Jiffy bags were a great choice for us to achieve this. Most Jiffy bags however, are filled with harmful single use plastics such as bubble wraps and polymers that do not break down for more than 500 years. So we put our heads together and chose ‘The 100% paper padded bag’.

A high quality durable Kraft lined padded envelope filled with cushioning paper fibres providing outstanding protection. This is an extremely tough padded envelope and is ideal for posting more robust and heavy duty products. FSC Certified, recyclable packaging.



What's in the box?

Void Fill and Inserts


We want to make sure your order gets to you in perfect condition, but there are limited options available that don’t use plastics or which are recyclable. Our void fill is made of recycled shredded paper, instead of the more commonly used polystyrene. It breaks down easily when either composted or disposed of with your general waste.


Our packing slips and any box inserts/coupons are always printed on recycled paper.


N.b Whilst we keep our own packaging plastic free, you may notice that some of the goods in our store may be supplied in plastic bottles. We are always working with the companies we stock to encourage them to find alternatives to using plastic and we also encourage you to reuse any unrecyclable materials you may come across if you can.


Our mission is to inspire and create change and as we grow we will be shining a light on more plastic free creators and businesses.

Our Fulfillment Partners

Some of the products we stock are shipped directly from the manufacturers. Whilst we are working with them to make sure they meet our packaging standards, we do understand that there are occasions where for the protection of products, some packaging may not be 100% eco-friendly.